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Brokerage & Bank Remarketing

MTC, the city with one of the most ancient maritime tradition in the Mediterranean Sea. Since centuries and centuries Italian’s shipowners and dealers, trade all over the Seas. In the ancient times trading on far Seas was risky, both for the Vessel and for the all partner involved. Since centuries and centuries Italian’s merchants most important mission is to protect their clients’ interests and sail safely the ships with rich merchandise on board to the    native harbor.

MTC has knowledge, experience and personal  approach to represent the clients in purchasing the perfect yacht for his needs. We work with our  customers in order to advise them on every single aspect of  their purchase, from the very beginning and  to every details. Since  its beginning,  MTC has  been in   direct contact with   the  best   Italian  and North European shipyards so as to offer to the customers a complete and unique service in the selection and in the purchase of his boat.With  more  than 20   year’s experience   in  the   yachting   industry  and   with    customers   from    all over the world, MTC is able to offer a vast range of excellent used boats.

In the last years MTC developed a interrelationship with the major banks in order to offer a remarketing service of repossessed boats, and to their clients a good selection of middle size boats to purchase. Our team is expert in advising      on the  best yacht  types, and will guide the owners through every stage of the process from identifying the type of yacht that is most suitable for him,  to   help  with   after   sales  matters  such  as  yacht management, charter marketing, crewplacement and yachtmaintenance.

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