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Marine Trust Consulting has an ancient maritime tradition in the Mediterrean Sea.

Italina’s shipowners, merchants and dealers traded across the Seas: it was risky, both for the vessel and for all the partners involved.  Through the centuries, the Venetians merchants  most important mission was “ to represent and to protect their clients’ interests and arrive safely to the harbour with rich merchandise on board”. Marine Trust Consulting is proud to follow this ancient tradition: we are customer oriented, have knowledge, experience and establish with our clients a personal relationship in order to represent them in the building of their perfect yacht. Our mission is to anticipate  the  client needs and queries, and to offer continuous support in identifying and choosing the most suitable boat for them. This process evaluate carefully the client’s requests and the global marine market, in order to provide all the technical and commercial information needed to finalize the yacht construction and/or boat purchase. Experts in advising owners on the  best yacht types, sizes, designs, technology, materials, and financial/legal matters, Marine Trust Consulting brokers work alongside all parties involved to supervise the  project  through  the   entire designing, building, delivering ensuring that the yacht fits perfectly with the expectations of the future owner.


We work with our customers in order to advise them on every single aspect of their yacht experience:


  • Purchase or charter;

  • Identification of the type of boat, whether new or used, motor or sail;

  • Market analysis aimed at identifying, within the required boat, the more attractive opportunities in the market;

  • Technical evaluation and  inspection  of  the product in order to assess compliance and functionality  (in case of used boats) or project and then following construction phases (in case of new boat);

  • Financial advice;

Checking the conformity of the product, service delivery and testing of the vessel

Our strenght is imagining with our client the most suitable yacht for them - designing, building, fitting a new customized boat unique as the dream of our client. We are with you from the very first to the very last step of launching your yacht, and beyond that with assistance regarding charter, maintenance and sailing.


We are proud to work alongside the most prestige yacht designers and shipyards in Italy and Northern Europe. We have worked alongside vessels built in Germany, Holland, UK, USA and    Italy. Nuvolari & Lenard, one of the most renowed yacht-design firm, is based in Venice.




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